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Vision Statement
  The Centre is committed to excellence in mathematics research,
attaining the status as the regional hub of mathematics education, to provide a strong foundation for the country's development of science, and technology as well as economy and financial system, toward a higher quality of living for the populace

Mission Statement
  The Centre of Excellence in Mathematics is committed to carry out
advenced research in mathematics with emphasis on its applications and mathematics education to provide the country with a strong basic platform for the development of science and technology, support the national strategic plans and key issues of concern, as well as to increase the country's competitive capability in the international arena.
  The Centre will also endeavor to train and develop highly qualified
personnel in mathematics, critical shortage of which has been felt in all sectors, and create opportunities for technology transfer between the academic and industrial sectors, putting our focus on instilling the mathematical thinking process in Thai youth who will become the necessary foundation for the country's economic and financial growth in the foreseeable future.